Co-authorships on the key flagship paper emanating from specific contributions to ant collections

We anticipate that the number of collectors may become so large that we will have to differentiate authorships for the most prominent comparative genome paper in two categories, individual co-authorships for those who collect multiple (e.g. >5) ant species and providing also multiple castes so that the material will allow for all types of analyses (microbiota, mutation rates, transcriptomes; see table 1). Minor contributions (e.g. a single worker sample for obtaining one medium quality ant genome) might then be referred to a “GAGA consortium” authorship (names only spelled out online) in case the total number of authors would come to exceed the maximum allowed by journals. Please get in touch to make sure that your individual case is agreed upon.

Co-authorships on the flagship paper emanating from specific contributions to data analysis and/or annotation

We reach out to groups outside GAGA that have specific cutting edge expertise to become collaborators in the comparative analyses and annotation phase. Groups with experience in participating in large genomic projects in this way may then participate in, and gain individual co-authorships on, several of the GAGA papers, including the flagship paper, but this will require a framework agreement with the GAGA consortium to specify personnel resources and time commitments in specific years.